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Time Is the New Luxury

In a world where money is no object, nothing is beyond reach. What is limited, what none of us can get more of is time – time with the people, places and activities we love!

Money, power and position does not give us more time, rather these things tend to take away our time by making our lives more and more complicated.

At LuxCierge our exclusive clients have no limits on what they can purchase so the most exclusive luxury we can supply is time. We work with our clients to remove every possible nuisance, annoyance, and time-wasting activity from their lives. Gone are the exasperating concerns over travel, property, maintenance, shopping, child care, pets, entertainment…the list is endless! To go where you want to go, to experience what you want to experience and to share these things with the people you love without thought, or care, or concern is our focus. To arrive home to find everything in its place – just the way you like – that is what occupies our mind.

Our course we take care of those thousands of details; organise travel, events and entertainment. We source the unavailable and take care of the important people and possessions of your life. It is because we can deliver all of this and more that we can deliver on our greatest luxury – more time for you!

Our goal is that our client’s lives only be concerned with the things, people and objects that interest them – the rest we remove from their lives!